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The committee has selected and booked a date for our 50th reunion. We are going to repeat our excellent experience at the Virginia Country Club. The date is August 19, 2017, a Saturday. Be sure to reserve the date.

The committee worked on our budget and set the price per ticket with the goal to approximately break even. As before, we will set a discounted price for reserving and paying early and a higher price for reserving late.

You can get a reservation form with this hyperlink.

Additionally, we have contracted for a certain number of discounted rooms (at $159 per night) at the Long Beach Marriott. You can see what they have to offer by contacting them (below) and mentioning our reunion or following the hyperlink they provided below.

Whittier High School 50th Reunion

Start date: 8/18/17

End date: 8/20/17

Last day to book: 7/28/17

Marriott hotel(s) offering your special group rate:

Long Beach Marriott for $159.00 USD per night.

Book your group rate for Whittier High School 50th Reunion.






fax: 562-421-1075

Stay tuned to this website as your source of news.

Our 40th reunion (Saturday, August 25, 2007) is history. If you missed it, we are sorry. But don't dispair; come to our 50th reunion. Wow! Just think: a half century! Does it feel like that to you?

Those attending the 40th reunion all seemed to have a good time. We put up pictures from the event, so that those of you couldn't attend can attend vicariously.

We also went on a guided tour of the Whittier High School campus at 10 a.m. on Saturday, August 25, 2007, led by WHS Archivist, Morris Sawyer, husband of our own teacher, Lorraine McPherson Sawyer. The tour lasted about 2.5 hours and included a wonderful 18 minute video on the first 100 years of WHS. The tour was fun; we got to see all the changes that have been made to our school!

Right after the tour, people didn't want to break apart from their informal conversations with classmates, so they trekked down to Rick's Drive In and Out fast food restaurant at Greenleaf and Penn Streets in Whittier and had lunch and conversation. It was fun.

The site of the 40th reunion event at the Virginia Country Club, a beautiful setting in Long Beach, couldn't have been better. The food was excellent; the facilities were perfectly sized; the view was spectacular; we even had access to a large plasma TV to display a powerpoint presentation of the pictures of our classmates and school.
If you would like to go on a virtual tour, click here.

The next morning, Sunday, August 26, those of us who spent the night at the hotel had "Breakfast at the Marriott" starting at 8:30 a.m. People didn't want to stop their conversations with classmates. They lingered until 11:30 a.m. It was fun.

Postcards. If you received a postcard in the mail in December 2006, please do not assume that it means we know where you are. We mailed out postcards in December to some of the classmates with whom we have not yet had fresh contact by phone, email or mail. The mailing addresses came from lists from the 40th reunion and the 30th reunion: 20 years ago. We had no idea if they were still valid. If our website is still showing you without the "Found" notation next to your name, please email us with your contact information.

Please help us find everyone, so that all of us will have an opportunity to come to the event.

You might want to "bookmark" (Firefox browser) or put into your "favorites" (Internet Explorer browser) this website address [or URL] (www.whs67.org). Don't forget that it is ".org", not ".com", as we are a non-profit group. The "real" data of the website is hosted on a server that can change from time to time. It once was hosted in space in DSLExtreme.com but now is hosted on a server with LunarPages. "www.whs67.org" will stay valid, while the host may not, if the webmaster changes ISPs.

To see our class list and to see who we have found so far, click on this hyperlink. If you detect an error, please feel free to let the webmaster know (see below). Check back from time to time, both to see the further construction and to see who we have found so far. The "Found" tag is applied to those persons for whom we have fresh knowledge that contact information is valid. We have address lists from both the 20 year and the 30 year reunion, but do not as yet know the validity of that data. Additionally, we gathered a number of contacts in approach to our 40th. As the number of pictures is about 1000 (including the teachers) if you have dial-up internet, it will take minutes to finish. Be sure to look at the teachers, too; they are at the bottom.

Our privacy policy: The committee will share with each other (with fellow members of the committee) the data we will gather from our classmates and to the extent that we can help the reunion committees from the other WHS classes from years ahead of ours or behind ours, we will offer to send an email on their behalf to contact our members about siblings. Except as a classmate allows the publication of their contact information, such as in a booklet directory which could be produced and distributed or on a web page, contact information will be treated as confidential to just the WHS 1967 reunion committee.

To email us to tell us the contact information about yourself or about others from our class that you know, click here.

If you have suggestions (about the reunion, about this web site, about anything related) or would like to volunteer to join the Reunion Committee, you can click here.

If you have stories you would like to be posted up to a yet to be built web page of such stories, you can click here.

If you would like to refresh your memory of the Alma Mater and the music, click here.

The reunion committee thanks you for visiting and helping.

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Emilie Bassett Mason, Committee Chairperson 2007

Susie Stephenson Zack

Paula Perok Mazurier

Janet Garrett Dennis


Scott Cline, Treasurer

John Buehler

John Gooding

Craig Willford, Webmaster and Committee Chairperson 2017